Run For Boston

Enjoy a 3 mile route near NiaMoves Studio, you can “Walk/Run/Ride” for Boston. Houston Heights is a lovely neighborhood, you can enjoy the peaceful, calm beauty of the homes, gardens and community. Could be a really fun activity to do with children.

Download a super free Ap called “Map My Run” to track the run, show progress of route, time, distance and speed as you go along. And once completed you can share your map on Facebook.

Please leave a comment below when you do the route. It will be lovely to track how many folks join us.

View Run Walk Ride for Boston, Houston Heights in a larger map

Click HERE for a full google map

You can park at NiaMoves, 508 Pecore, Houston, TX 77009 and make your way to the “start”

Begin at Bayland and North Blvd
Go North on North Blvd
Left Omar
Right Studewood
Right Merrill
Right North
Right Omar
Left Studewood
Left Baylor
Left Julian
Left Omar
Left Michaux
Left Baylor
Left Reagan
Left Highland
Right Watson
Right Omar
Left Northwood (one black to Merrill then U turn)
Left Omar (few strides then U turn)
Left Northwood
Left Bayland
Left Florence
Left Omar
Left Helen
Left Bayland
Left Beauchamp
Right W. Norma
Right Morrison
End at Baylor

Give a cheer for Boston and a prayer for families affected.