Another wonderful AirBNB guest leaves a raving review.

Thank you to our wonderful weekend AirBNB guests. They took care of the property, appeared to have a marvelous time and left a RAVE review. When Helen's not providing a training, and Soma Ranch isn't hosting a retreat, we rent out the ranch to special groups and families. One of the ways people find us is through AirBNB who we are super thankful for over the past few years.

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Fabulous Review from AirBNB "be a rock star" listing

Terry Family Incentive
Terry Family Incentive

Thank you June Hattaway for your lovely review from staying at Soma Ranch. Helen’s only disappointment was how she was out of town and unable to meet you….. Looking forward to the next time…

“My arrival at Soma Ranch was met by Joe and Phelps who gave me the grand tour and an abundance of Texas hospitality. To say that this was a retreat fit for a rock star is an understatement. Soma ranch is a jewel of a place with all the peace, amenities and conveniences that anyone could possibly desire. I missed Helen as she was out of town but hope to meet her on my next stay. It was the perfect place to rest and recharge. The ranch is a wonderful country setting but it is close to shopping, antique merchants, and great dining. Soma Ranch was truly a memorable stay. Thank you Joe and Helen.”

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