Nia Time ~ the most romantic, sexy, personal routine.

“Time” is the most sexy & personal routine I’ve ever created. The lyrics are very moving and romantic.

I created this routine when Liliana was young enough to be in a car seat that faced the back of the car, which means it’s about 17 years old! I used to click my fingers to stop Liliana from crying. It was one of my funniest, handy little trick to distract her from tears to fascination. One time, driving to class, I was listening to the Lionel Richie CD (my “routine work in progress” at the time), Liliana was playing (as usual) with her fingers, mushing them together to see if she could click them like her Mommy… and there, in that moment, Liliana clicked her fingers for the first time. I remember hearing the noise, looking down to see Liliana’s beaming face, her eyes sparkling with joy, communicating “look! yes! I did it! I clicked my fingers for the first time” it was a most remarkable moment in time that I think I’ll remember forever. I did the usual “relay takeover” with Joe in the parking lot of the YMCA and dashed into class.

I put on the CD and begun “teaching on the fly” ~ teaching class and creating the routine as I went along. In the first song I began in a closed stance and began clicking my fingers from side to side, the movement was an instant match to the music and the moment, something in Nia we call the “accidental click”.

I use every song from the CD with the exception of “I hear your voice” which I refuse to include in the mix. It’s a moving, heart felt song that I depressing ~ a good one to play when I want a good cry!

I find each of these songs very meaningful, there’s a click that connects with a personal story in every track. Maybe later I’ll fill in the gaps. For now I’m off to celebrate 20 years of marriage to Joe - it’s my wedding anniversary. I look forward to many more clicks…

Whenever I can I prefer to create routines to follow the order of the tracks on the CD. This routine is an exception, the songs click better slightly shuffled, Michael Buble is the perfect ending to the experience. I encourage to to take a fun safe risk, download the CD, freedance to it, entertain teaching class with some simple Nia moves (at least with your teddy bears!) Here’s the order:

Lionel Richie: CD Time

Closest Thing To Heaven 4:01
That’s The Way I Feel 3:07
Zoomin’ 4:23
Touch 5:08
Forever 6:13
Time 6:12
To The Rhythm 5:14
Stay 4:10
Someday 4:23
Everytime 4:16
Lady 4:28
Feeling Good 3:57 Michael Bublé It’s Time

Why this routine today?

1. it’s the most personal - every song has a hidden story behind it about my relationship with Joe, lines like “you’re my everything”, “you’re the closest thing to Heaven”

2. it’s got history - I can think back on most “stages” of my marriage with Joe, (the good, the bad and the ugly) teaching this routine and the feelings I had. I have a sense of accomplishment playing the music and dancing to it today.

3. it’s sexy - oh my! Lionel Richie is up there with Barry White for me with regards sexy - and fortunately I still regard Joe as being top of my list when it comes to sexy :-)

Now off to enjoy our day, swim swim brum brum :-)