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All the Ride Moves

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We are blessed with Kathy Davidson (equestrian specialist and soon to be author) attending our Writer’s NEST retreat this week.


Kathy’s an extremely accomplished and most delightful equestrian teacher, coach and judge.

She’s developing a fabulous intro session “All the Ride Moves” a mindful movement workshop based on the principals of Nia.

Fabulous experience for house riders, Nia lovers and beneficial for the health and daily living of people from all walks of life!

Kathy is generously offering the experience complimentary (considering it her “beta test”). All feedback is welcome. Please come!

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Designed primarily for the Equestrian Athlete, this hour long session has beneficial information for the health and daily living of people from all walks of life.

We will not be riding horses, but we will be simulating the movements and rhythms used when riding with the help of music!

The Walk is four beats, the Trot is two beats, and the Canter is a three beat Waltz!

Some of the work is done standing, but much of of the session is done sitting in a chair just like being in a saddle!

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