Queen Latifah ~ Sexi, an Adapted Nia Routine

This is a super Adapted Routine.
The Choreography is from Nia Routine “Sexi” originally designed by Carlos Aya Rosas
I’ve adapted it to music by Queen Latifah (the Dana Owens CD) and a couple of guest appearances from Santana.

There are more tracks (as they are shorter in length) - so a fun characteristic that runs through the routine is I teach a pattern of moves in one song that we then continue in to the next. Class share how they love the way this deepens the experience and enhances their level of relaxation.

I needed a couple of extra tracks. Choose to randomly do a search for “S E X” in my itunes library. Sexo by Santana appeared top of the list, it was a perfect click. I then did my 10 second speed dating with the other 30 Santana songs in my library and Hermes was an immediate “hit”.

Baby Get Lost 3:43Queen Latifah
I Put A Spell On You 3:08 Queen Latifah
Simply Beautiful 4:11 Queen Latifah
The Same Love That Made Me Laugh 3:53 Queen Latifah
Amore (Sexo) 3:52 Santana Feat. Macy Gray
Moody’s Mood For Love 3:59 Queen Latifah
Close Your Eyes 2:56 Queen Latifah
California Dreamin 3:42 Queen Latifah
Hard Times 5:22 Queen Latifah
Hermes 4:08 Santana
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 3:27 Queen Latifah
Hello Stranger 3:00 Queen Latifah
If I Had You 4:05 Queen Latifah
Lush Life 4:25 Queen Latifah