ACV Alternative to Wine

I LOVE to drink a big glass of red wine in the evening.
My body and my mind prefer me to be alcohol free.
We came up with a compromise that I enjoy drinking and my body mind AND emotions thrive on:

  • Mineral Water (I like sparkling: Pellegrino or a can of La Croix)
  • 1 - 4 caps apple cider vinegar
  • 5 - 20 drops of stevia
  • splash of pure cranberry juice concentrate (optional)
  1. Select a lovely glass
  2. Pour in each of the ingredients
  3. Run a warm bubble bath (optional!)
  4. and enjoy

Looks like a Merlot
Tastes curious
Alkalizes my body, keeps my mind sharp and balances my emotions.
(a great potion to help PMS)

Going to a party and want to be healthy happily alcohol free?
Here’s my trick…

  1. Take an empty bottle of wine (or IKEA have fabulous glass bottles with flip tops)
  2. Make a big batch of the above recipe and
  3. Enjoy (funny thing at the part is folks often get super curious at party and end up loving samples of your drink)