Find a Tribe and Be a student

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I've been a teacher and a leader most of my life! This last month I've dived deep into being a student at the Yoga Room Conroe, with their 30 yoga classes in the 30 days challenge. I knew cognitively how great it is to be part of collective consciousness, finding a group of people to feel aligned with. I also know how being a student and continuing to learn is a most beneficial practice.

In Nia I love feeling part of the tribe and I love learning to become a better teacher and trainer. I received something new from this experience. By being a true student, entering a new space, being part of a new tribe and practicing something new to me I've received insight, empathy and immense satisfaction.

The result is wonderful! My Nia practice is enhanced, I've made new friends and my heart swells with joy! oh and my core is BAD ASS!! Cynthia shared "I have ab envy" after taking my class on Monday :-)

I encourage you, play with what you can learn this month, find your tribe and as we say in Nia, if you have peak experiences, no matter how many times you walk through the door, come again!