UK Canal Vacation on a Narrow Boat

Life at the ranch is vibrant, wonderful and requires a lot of time and attention. Taking a vacation is a rare and a big deal. Celebrating my Dad's 80th Birthday, we took a wonderful 7 day Narrow Boat vacation on a Canal in the UK. Highly recommend this as a family vacation. Feel free to contact if you'd like more details.

We explored the Llangollen canal from Whitchurch to Llangollen. The 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom boat was 66 feet long and 8 feet wide.  Some parts of the canal were only 8.5 feet wide (i.e. 3 inches to spare on each side!) Sauntering along at 3 miles an hour we enjoyed peaceful scenery, amazing views and fantastic weather.

My Dad, with minimal previous boating experience, was awarded "Captain" for most outstanding boating skills and performance!

I feel blessed to have such vibrant, happy and healthy parents. This vacation provided us all with with something novel, new and exciting. As we age I think it's important to find such "new skills to me" activities and this trip certainly provided tremendous physical and mental health benefits.

You can moor along the banks of the canal almost any where. Each day we'd stop to fill up with water. Mum and I loved enjoying cups of tea at the front of the boat. Dad and Joe had fun navigating and steering from the back.

Highlights included

  • Challenges: long tunnels, interesting bends and most of all the viaduct with spectacular views.
  • Lovely rest stops: meals at pubs, hikes around lakes and walks, site seeing towns
  • Life on the boat: traveling at 2-4 miles an hour, meeting fellow boaters and enjoying fun meals on board.

Enjoy this amusing comedian's report on a canal boat holiday. While entertaining, like most humor, he makes several points that are close to truth.

FYI fortunately Joe and I had a great time and our relationship is flourishing.

I don't recommend you take a narrow boat vacation with someone you don't know well LOL...