Blue Belt

Full House!

Today we complete a Nia Blue Belt training at Soma Ranch with a "full" house. Folks stayed in the house, the dorm, the RV, our neighbors' cottage and White Eagle Lodge. It's a full house! Providing the course with full board accommodation for 16 people for 7 days.


Alanna Wilson, Squamish, BC, Canada
Alisa Spirit of the Wind, Austin, TX
Brooke Siglin, Spokane, WA
Dawn Min, Sudbury,MA
Joy Thompson, Tampa, FL
Judy Jorgensen, Liberty Lake, WA
Lila Haham, Austin, TX
Margaret Wittenberg, Fredericksburg, TX
Tippie Koenig, Morehead, KY
Sylvie De Wever, San Francisco, CA
Toni Tovaglia, Ashland, OR
Zack, San Francisco, CA


Kira Hower, Boston, MA
Jasmin Adams, New Zealand
Penny Adams, New Zealand
Tamara Sanderson, Pewee Valley, KY

This Week at the Ranch

Enjoy daily Nia classes at Soma Ranch during our Blue Belt Training

Drop in price $15 or pay $40 for 4 classes (cash or check at the door)

11am Saturday
11am Sunday
11am Monday
11am Tuesday
11am Wednesday

6pm Possible Teacher Jam (if participants decided they'd like to team teach a class)
Watch Facebook or email Helen if you want to know when!

Returning Blue Belts are invited to enjoy sessions during the Nia training.
Email for a schedule.

Special Daily 11am Nia Classes at Soma Ranch

Blue Belt

Folks are coming from around the country to attend the Nia Blue Belt. This 2nd level training focuses on Communication, Relationships and Intimacy. Each day we offer a public class at 11am and YOU are invited! These special classes are perfect if you’re new to Nia.

The weather is super for experiencing Soma Ranch in its glory.

Entertain staying on for lunch at noon!


11amSundayMarch 16The Joy of Being in RelationshipInfinity
11amMondayMarch 17Pearls and the RealmsAfro Celt
11amTuesdayMarch 18Guiding Systemic MovementSexi
11amWednesdayMarch 19Expressing Feelings and EmotionsRise
11amThursdayMarch 20Music, Movement, MagicTaking Requests


Class LunchCombo$20