The Joys of Budapest & Finland ~ Part 4 Nia 5 Stages

Helen Teaching Nia 5 Stages Hermann Nia 5 Stages The group was small yet the rewards were huge. I love how sometimes, when I almost cancel an event due to low enrollment, I feel great I chose to do it anyway. In Nia a phrase called “Cosmic Salary” is something I resonate with. Teaching Nia, and providing courses like the Nia 5 stages, is rewarding, the benefits as a trainer go way beyond the monetary value.

Fortunately participants indicate they feel the same way with comments like “this work is amazing, I’m stunned by how different my body feels in only 2 days” and “I’m so glad I did this” Thank you and congratulations to participants: Hermann, Elvira, Elekra and Edina. Fabulous to connect with such a lovely and international group! (Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Belgium). Wow! I feel blessed and hope y’all stay in touch.

Special thanks to Mossy for taking some fabulous photos - you captured the moment wonderfully.