The Joys of Budapest & Finland ~ Part 4 Nia 5 Stages

Helen Teaching Nia 5 Stages Hermann Nia 5 Stages The group was small yet the rewards were huge. I love how sometimes, when I almost cancel an event due to low enrollment, I feel great I chose to do it anyway. In Nia a phrase called “Cosmic Salary” is something I resonate with. Teaching Nia, and providing courses like the Nia 5 stages, is rewarding, the benefits as a trainer go way beyond the monetary value.

Fortunately participants indicate they feel the same way with comments like “this work is amazing, I’m stunned by how different my body feels in only 2 days” and “I’m so glad I did this” Thank you and congratulations to participants: Hermann, Elvira, Elekra and Edina. Fabulous to connect with such a lovely and international group! (Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Belgium). Wow! I feel blessed and hope y’all stay in touch.

Special thanks to Mossy for taking some fabulous photos - you captured the moment wonderfully.

The Joys of Budapest & Finland ~ Part 3 Coaching

Budapest Coaching Group

Budapest Coaching Group Lunch

Budapest Coaching Team at The Shift Studio

Specialized Coaching

I think I’ve found my calling! Well I already knew teaching folks to move and heal through Nia was my calling, and now the coaching program I’ve developed is allowing me to take it to the next level.

Over 5 days I worked (I prefer to say played) with 8 Nia teachers, meeting them where they were at, providing insight with regards what they were doing, how they could improve and help build their confidence.

An incredible gift for me to witness these amazing women stepping into their brilliance and radiating.

I’m now hungry for more. Please email Helen if you are curious to receive group coaching, either at Soma Ranch or host something similar in your area.

The Joys of Budapest & Finland, Part 1 ~ Intro

In June I traveled to Europe for a lovely string of events:

BudapestNia 5 stages
HelsinkiAgeless Grace seminar & Nia MasterClasses
Kuopio5 sessions at the Kuopio Dance Festival
Budapest5 days of specialized coaching
Budapestoodles of fun classes
BudapestFirst Ever Ageless Grace Class

Did you know Hungary and Finland are cousins when it comes to language? Not understanding either language, I was amused to hear conversations and enjoy the similarities in sound and rhythm!

Helen with Eija in Finland

Helen with Kinga in Budapest

Big thank you to Kinga (Budapest, Hungary) and Eija (Helsinki/Kuopio, Finland). How wonderful to manifest magic with you! ~ watching the joy, connection and healing appear as communities get together to dance and share their expressive brilliance! Something I adore about this practice we call Nia, and the livelihood I’ve created around it, is how, around the globe, I now have fantastic friendships with brilliant passionate women, leaders in their own right, bringing people together to make a difference. All through dancing to music!

Helen's back from Budapest

Helen Terry

I’m delighted to be back at the ranch having experienced what feels like the best Nia White Belt training I’ve ever led. What’s “funny” is I was also the most unwell I’ve been during a training EVER! The expression “the brighter the light the more moths” somehow resonates with my immediate experience and also the “story of my life”.

We had 23 on the course (22 women and 1 man!). I lost my voice by the middle of day 2 and led the remaining 8 classes completely silent. From the space created from the absence of talking, I entered into a new deeper relationship with the music, the moves and my connection with self, group, the energy of the room and even God. The result was an invigorating, vibrating, deeply connected experience for me and the class, with a sense of “us” by the end of the routine (or perhaps before the end of the first song!).

I’m preparing to become a Brown Belt trainer, the Nia course with a focus on energy. The opportunity to teach in a new and unique way across a series of classes was most invaluable. I feel like an energy warrior in training, having been provided with the perfect pre-course challenge. Without my loss of voice I would not have considered teaching an entire course of classes during a white belt training without talking, and yet my sore throat was the gift to launch me into a new place. I now wonder if I’ll ever want to talk in class again!

Side note of fascination:… Zumba may have something right… my understanding is their teachers don’t talk while teaching… I think they are on to something!

extra side note: I need to get some new photos uploaded as my hair is now longer enough to put in a pony tail! :-)